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The Roasted Hazelnut by For The Lovers is a liqueur that is finally fun again. It tastes of roasted hazelnut & chocolate, is sweet and more seductive than any chocolate fountain. We are not even very concerned with the design, but with a hazelnut liqueur that does what it promises in a glass. The liquid flavoring is best suited for pure drinking or on ice. We drink it straight and slightly chilled from the fridge. So why not try a liqueur? We are serious, with a slight wink.

500 ml
€ 19,90
1 Liter = 39,80€ / Lieferzeit: Auf Lager, 1 – 3 Werktage



Hazel Nuts

Do you fancy crunchy nuts? Tender melting chocolate? Oh beauty – you get from us:

4-6cl Roasted Hazelnut

200ml milk

Simply serve the roasted hazelnut on ice in a tumbler with cold milk. For the professionals: sprinkle the drink with cinnamon.